Mentored 150+ startups, are you next?

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22%startup survival rate of my incubator program
163Startups mentored
$15M+Funding raised by founders I helped at the start

💡 You got an idea

But don't know where to start

Structured validation process

There's always 100 things to do. 3 are most important. I will help you select those.

Rapid experimentation

Get the right data with quick but reliable experiments

Build the right thing instead of building the thing right

Better have 10 people love you than a 1000 kinda like you.

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📦 You got an MVP

But need customers

Systematically find your ideal customer segment

In a structured approach, I'll help you to find your beachhead market.

50 ideas on marketing tactics

Marketing isn't rocket science, but it requires grit and experimentation. I've got plenty of ideas we'll test together.

Devil's advocate on your priorities

Lack of customers is a lack of working on marketing. Techies often spend 90% on product. Marketing gets forgotten.

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📈 You got customers

But need product-market fit

Reduce churn and get product-market fit

I will bring a fresh perspective to your product and startup. Be prepared for some tough questions.

Deeply understand your customers

Lack of growth is often a sign of lack of product-market fit. I'll help you understand what's wrong.

Data driven

I'll join your BI environment and dig deep to find what's up, highlight what data you are missing.

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I had multiple ideas but no idea where to start. Which customers are willing to pay? Jeroen helped me to test ideas quickly, without committing to building a unproven product.

Menno - Co-Founder at Home of Progress

Jeroen has helped us zooming out, looking at the greater picture and challenge our assumptions every time we felt too comfortable.

Paul - Co-founder at AccuSelect

Within 3 questions he found our unknown unknowns. Jeroen always has 1000 practical examples ready to choose our next steps.

Jefta - CEO at Glimp
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Co-founded and killed my own startup

Smartphone app

Just in Case was a digital legacy app: save your important files, passwords and info about your funeral for your loved ones.

1000+ downloads, 100% churned

Launch with press coverage lead to downloads

Failure reason: No market need

App didn't provide enough value for users

I'm a nerd for startups

PhD Candidate at Delft University of Technology

Studying startup idea to market processes

Running a startup program for five years

12 batches with over 125 startups

3 years of product discovery experience

At InstaPro, European platform for painters, plumbers, etc.

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Startup types

Consumer focused startups

Hardware, services and software. I love figuring out the needs of consumers.

B2B SaaS

Leveraging my 3 years of experience as innovation consultant to navigate multi-stakeholder organisations.

Platforms & Marketplaces

I worked on product discovery and marketplace management for an online marketplace for 3 years. I love the dynamics of platforms.


'Skin in the game'-mentoring*


Only pay 33% now

€50/hour upfront
  • Self-funded or FFF-round
  • Pre-product startups
  • Pre-revenue startups
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Angel invested

Only pay 50% now

€75/hour upfront
  • Angels or pre-seed
  • You got an MVP
  • You've got paying customers
Let's chat

Venture backed

Pay full price now

  • Raised €1M+
  • You are profitable
  • You've done a seed round or higher
Let's chat

*Skin in the game mentoring

Early-stage? I invest my time in you.
You pay me back when you hit goals we set together
Example below.

Bootstrapper example

  • You get 5 hours of mentoring over 10 weeks
  • Normally this would cost €750
  • We set a goal together of hitting €10k in Revenue
  • You only pay €250 upfront
  • When you hit your €10k revenue, you pay me the remaining €500.
  • Never hit your goal, kill your startup? My loss. Not yours.


I only have an idea, am I too early?

Not at all. An idea is all it takes. I gladly help you to turn that idea into a business.

Can you tell me if idea is good enough?

What kind of founders do you work with?

Anyone who wants to learn and grow. You bring the motivation and commitment, I bring the rest.

Do you help startups to raise funding?

Nope, that's not my specialty. For help with making funding pitchdecks I refer you to Viki from Pitchblocks, he has helped to raise tens of millions his decks.

Corporate fee

Entrepreneurs take risk with their own time and money. They get a discount. My corporate rate is €300 per hour.