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Unique workshops, beyond the usual canvas

Some of my clients

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Workshops on

Customer validation

Find problems worth solving and understand your customers

Business & Revenue Model

Design a suiting business and revenue model

To market strategy

Beachhead market strategies and how to design them


Eperiments, evidence, out of the building mentality


Talking to humans is harder than it seems.


Talking confidently with good storylines

What people say about my workshops

“He know his sh*t” - Anonymous founder

“Jeroen is a great trainer and inspired the group to think beyond their current viewpoints.”

Founder in AMS Booster

“Jeroen's interest, curiosity and directness are highly appreciated. You can tell that he has substantial experience with early stage startups in how he structures the sessions and the kind of questions he gives along with the inputs."

Founder in TU Delft Program

“Jeroen always motivated us to be ambitious while keeping us grounded, realistic and smart about what resources we had. He saved us a few times from doing unimportant, safe tasks like rebranding for the third time and pushed us to get out there."

Founder in TU Delft Program

Workshop Pricing

Single workshop

Starting from

  • Tailored to your program
  • Activating any founder
  • 2 to 8 hours depending on topic
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Multiple workshops

Starting from

  • Mix and match
  • Discount applies at
    3 workshops and up
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Full program

Starting from

  • From idea to first customer
  • Program design & running workshops
  • From 10 to 20 weeks
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